Knowledge Manager

Perfect the facts about your business.


Multiple data sheets, multiple departments, multiple mistakes. Sound familiar? We clean up the knowledge about your business across all your internal data sources, keeping it consistent within your organization, so you can be fully confident in the information you provide to customers. Read on to learn how we can help you maintain internal consistency.

Purpose-built for Digital Knowledge Management.

Knowledge Manager is your centralized hub for all the data that defines your stores, offices, physicians, branches, ATM's, agents, dealerships, restaurants, or service centers.

We support more than 50 fields, from address and phone to payment methods, search categories, holiday hours, product and menu lists, and location-specific offers, right out of the box. Editing data is easy, in bulk or for individual records.

Geocoding made easy.

We all know what it’s like when our GPS makes us take a wrong turn. (It usually happens when we’re already late.) But why do those errors occur? Often it’s because the tiniest data element, like a single lat/long coordinate, is incorrect. Unfortunately, these errors can be impossible to detect until your customers are lost.

As part of our rigorous data cleansing process, we verify the coordinates of all your locations with three of the top mapping providers in the PowerListings® Network — Google, Bing, and Yahoo — to ensure your map pins appear correctly to drivers and pedestrians alike.

No-mess data cleansing.

Directing more mobile consumers to your door and driving great brand experiences all starts with clean, accurate knowledge about your brand. Upon implementation, all our clients benefit from our rigorous data cleansing process to ensure their data is formatted consistently and completely, whether they have two locations or 20,000 agents.

Our world-class Operations Team reviews your data to detect inconsistencies, discrepancies, or missing fields. We stop at nothing to ensure your data is perfect, and we work with you to find the best way to fill any gaps we find.

All this and custom fields? Yes.

The best data management platforms don’t force you into a certain structure — they let you set the rules. Custom fields make it easy to extend your existing data model to our Knowledge Manager.

We work with you to define the custom fields that represent your data management strategy best, like brand, open status, or square footage. Add custom fields that support URLs, photos, yes/no answers or 12 additional data validation types to manage the facts about your brand on your own terms.