Key Program Elements

WordPress Website

WordPress is quickly becoming the defacto standard for content management. You’ll love it’s ease of use and host of useful plugins. WordPress will become your new marketing hub.

Strategy Before Tactics

Because having a clear marketing plan is crucial, we work with you to develop a comprehensive brand awareness plan using our extensive list of online marketing tools.

Better Go Social

An incredible amount of activity is happening on social media these days. Jumpstart will ensure you’re in the conversation with weekly social media updates and advertising.

Online Directory Maintenance

Name, address and phone number listings are very important if you want to rank well with Search Engines. We correct and maintain your listings on more than 70 online directories, thus building confidence in your brand for Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimization

We implement the very latest in SEO techniques on your website. Since Google algorithms are changing frequently, we keep your site up to date for local organic searches. Finally, we provide you with a keyword report will show you how we’re doing.

Key Metrics Dashboard

Since monitoring key metrics is one of the hallmarks of our program. You will receive a monthly report so you can see the level of visibility your business is gaining and any areas that need attention.