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Enable Your Digital Agents

The way consumers find insurance agents has changed significantly. The customer journey is no longer linear, and customers are looking for deep attributes about agents in search, on maps, and through voice assistants, chatbots, and more. These changes present a massive opportunity for forward-thinking brands to capture local market share and retain existing clients. Help your agents take control of their digital presence.

Acquire new clients

The new non-linear customer journey requires your agents to be in control of their digital presence, everywhere. Work with us to power information like name, address, phone number, languages spoken, and types of insurance accepted — both on your agents’ own websites, as well as third-party listings on search engines and maps. Acquire new clients by driving top of the funnel growth, removing customer friction, and improving conversion rates for net new clients and households.


Friction-less agent experience

Happy and effective agents are critical to the success of your company. That’s why using our Insurance feature is a friction less solution that empowers them to take control of their digital presence. If they need to change their hours or update their phone number, they can simply make an update in the Knowledge Manager — or text the Knowledge Assistant to update the information anywhere customers can find it online.

Best of breed platform and integration's.

Whether you need to integrate with your back end systems, a CMS (like Adobe), or a third-party SaaS system (like SalesForce), We can help. When your agents make an update to the Knowledge Manager, we can share that information with your other systems using our consumer grade APIs or pre-built integration's with App Directory partners. Using us as the source of truth for the facts about your agents — and as a vehicle to get that data to the public.


Seamless compliance workflow.

Whenever an agent or team in the field makes a change to publicly facing data online, your brand and regulations must be taken into account. That’s why our Insurance service includes pre-built workflow functionality, so that every update can be reviewed by the proper teams before it goes live. When you add in integration's with our App Directory partners, such as Proofpoint, you can rest easy knowing that your content has been through the right channels of approval.

Enable your non-captive agents.

We know there are many ways that insurance agencies buy software solutions for agents. That’s why Yext has flexible programs and partnerships to help sell our best-in-class solution to your non-captive agents as well. Partner with Yext to recruit new agents and retain existing agents with a friction-less agent experience — and a solution to put them in control of their digital presence.


The Knowledge Network. Be everywhere.

Unmatched listings distribution across the industry's largest network. Control your digital knowledge across the world's leading maps, apps, directories, search engines, and social networks.

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