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Give the people what they want.
Accurate, timely information.

We value the work provided by public servants at the federal, state, and local levels. We also recognize the challenges presented by today’s ever-evolving technologies and ever-tightening budgets. Our Knowledge Engine, securely hosted through Amazon Web Services (AWS), helps you deliver perfect information into the palm of every citizen. Read on to learn more.

Be everywhere your citizens are.

Our PowerListings® Network offers unmatched distribution of your data to Google, Apple Maps, Facebook, and over 100 other third-party apps, maps, and social networks. Your listings appear when and where consumers look on desktop and mobile devices. And thanks to our patented Match & Lock™ process, you, and you alone, control when your listings change.

Adapt in real time, every time.

Holiday hours. Office openings and closings. Staff comings and goings. Digital knowledge isn’t static — it’s constantly changing and evolving along with your organization. Keep citizens informed in real-time across your website and app, as well as the search engines, maps, and social networks that they rely on every day.

Empower your local leaders.

Maintain centralized control over your listings while empowering local managers to showcase what makes their services unique. Our flexible, scalable workflows and approvals enable you to manage editing rights at the global, regional, and single location level. So you can eliminate the headaches of inaccurate content — and better serve citizens from every one of your locations.

Cultivate your local presence.

Pages make it easy for you to cultivate your local presence through specialized landing pages for each field office, branch, and service center. Thanks to our flexible APIs, your local landing pages will not only integrate with our Knowledge Engine, but also with any internal systems and databases you need.

The PowerListings® Network. Be everywhere.

Unmatched listings distribution across the industry's largest network. Fix your digital knowledge on over 100 maps, apps, directories, search engines, and social networks.

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